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Community Participation Services

Community Participation Services supports adults with intellectual disabilities who enjoy participating in social and volunteer activities within their communities. This service helps enhance the individual's social skills, community engagement, and relationship building while enjoying enrichment activities of their choosing

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Life Sharing

Life Sharing supports individuals with intellectual disabilities to live with qualified loving and caring families who provide supports in their homes while promoting the individual family traditions.

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Home and Community Habilitation

Home and Community Habilitation is designed to support participants in accessing and using community resources; such as but not limited to, community activities, transportation assistance, connect with friends and families, engaging in community events, volunteering while exercising their civic responsibilities, and ensuring the individual overall health and safety.

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Respite (in-out house)

Respite is a short-term service provided in the individual home or one of our qualified residential locations as a temporary living situation. Respite relieves family members, friends, and guardians, those who are providing care to a loved one short-term supports by one of our qualified employees.

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Residential Habilitation Services

We provide 24- hour residential support for up to three individuals in a single home, townhouse, or apartment living environment. Our residential services foster everyday lives by engaging the individual at their current level of function.